How to install a wireless network card to have WiFi on a desktop computer?

If you are here, it is because your computer did not come integrated with a card that allows it to connect to a wireless network, and you want to get one and know how to install it. Today, we will explain the steps to follow so that you can correctly install and configure this card so that you can enjoy it.

Although before you go on to the steps, it is better that you know what the best PCI wireless cards is and what it is for, so in the first section of this post we are going to leave you a brief explanation of this.

If you are looking for the best manufacturers of wireless network cards, we offer you five of them, which are highly recognized by the world, so we recommend that you take them into account.

Installing a wifi network card is not very complicated, however many people prefer to pay a technician to install it when they can actually do it themselves. It is always better to learn how to do things than to depend on the life of another, so we will explain the steps to follow so that you can use your wireless network card.

Let’s install the card
To start we must turn off our computer and unplug it from the electrical outlets, and we will have to disassemble the box or computer case. Many computers come with a screwed case, so if this is your case, you must use the appropriate screwdriver for this.

Note: it is necessary that you locate all the necessary points where the screws must be removed because if you do not do it and leave one there, and try to remove the covers of the box, some parts may be damaged, so we must handle this very carefully.

Many computer technicians recommend using latex gloves because in this way we prevent static from damaging some components of the PC. Others also suggest running a (soft) plastic cell brush over the card to remove static from the card.

Taking into account the recommendations, and after having disassembled the computer, we locate an available slot on the motherboard, there we will insert the card gently until it fits properly.

If in your case the antenna is connected to the PCI adapter, you must unscrew it before installing it on the equipment, to avoid fractures in the piece. Having the network card connected, we assemble the computer case again with its respective screws, connect the antenna to the network adapter, and make sure that it is at a 90º angle.

The 90º angle ensures that the signal can be received and sent more frequently, as well as increasing the optimal range of wireless performance and performance.

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