Guide to buying a new car

If you have already reached your goal of having enough capital to buy a new car and now you are reviewing which options are best suited to what you are looking for, it is time to take the next step.

You’ve already checked the line, the engine, the safety and even the performance. However, before making the final decision, you must consider certain aspects that will ensure a good purchase.

You must bear in mind that acquiring a new vehicle is one of the great investments of your life. The mission is not easy, because there is a universe of alternatives in the national market, all focused on satisfying the mobility needs of a certain segment, and finding the most suitable one for your lifestyle can become a headache.

A smart way to start and make this decision easier is to ask yourself some essential questions.

What are the needs that will be covered with the vehicle ?, that is, put aside the makeup with which cars are presented and analyze what will you do with it? Who will drive it? On what roads will you circulate regularly? and what space do you need? Once you answer the above, it will be easier to form a profile of the vehicle you need for more info please visit Farago Motors.

It is essential that you do not overlook the security systems, a car that does not offer essential elements such as: air bags and brakes with ABS, will never be a good option. We know that many times the price can make you opt for one model or another, and that we live in difficult economic times, but investing in your safety and that of your family will never be an unnecessary expense, but an investment that you will appreciate when you free a accident.

Before closing the deal with an agency, you should take into account some recommendations that will help you make a better investment and choose the vehicle that your mobility needs require. Take note:

Guide to buying a new car

Do your homework. There are more than 30 brands in Mexico, so it is best that you analyze all the aspects that surround a vehicle, beyond the line. A good option to start is that you review the price lists and thus you will have an idea of ​​the investment you will make. At the end of this supplement we offer you a complete and updated catalog.

Gasoline does matter . In these times when hydrocarbon prices give us a monthly blow, you should consider efficient engines, that is, four-cylinder engines or you can also opt for a car powered by diesel or hybrid. These mean a bigger investment but you will appreciate it with the fuel savings.

Security. It is basic, every vehicle must have an air bag and brakes with ABS system, in Europe cars that lack these elements cannot be marketed, but in our country it continues to be done, simply because we do not demand them. It is time to increase our road culture and care more about our integrity.

The size. Sometimes this is where we go the most wrong, when we let emotion overtake reason. Remember that it must meet your mobility needs, that is, if you are a man with a family, you take the children to school, go out on the weekend, go to the supermarket, there is no point in buying a two-seater or a small hatchback. In this case you can see the options that exist of wagons, SUV or crossovers.

Highway or city. The demands in these two scenarios are different, if you are constantly traveling consider a car that, in addition to being comfortable, has traction and stability controls, ABS brakes are essential, as well as an efficient engine, but does not suffer on slopes. without forgetting the excitement behind the wheel. But if, on the contrary, you are a lover of the city, look for one that favors comfort, that does not have a low tire profile and that does not have large dimensions either.

Services. The contract establishes the number of services offered by the brand, these must be specified by mileage or time, sometimes they can also offer coverage packages or extended warranty, do not hesitate to ask the advisor about these programs. It is also important that you ask about the prices of the services so as not to get unpleasant surprises in the future.

Insurance. In these times where crime does not distinguish between classes or models, it is very important that you hire a policy, generally the agency includes it in the financing, however you can make a quote with different insurers to find the best price and the best coverage plans . Hiring a low-cost insurance will end up being a problem at the time of a claim since generally your coverage is not adequate.

Extra costs. Make an assessment of the expenses that the vehicle will mean, from maintenance to fuel consumption, as well as the payments for vehicle rights that you require to circulate without problems.

Consider self-financing. It is a good alternative to acquire a car, but, before signing with a company, take into account the following:

Don’t go with just anyone. Make sure that the company that will process your financing is distinguished by its prestige, experience and knowledge of the market. Check their history on the internet and call Profeco: 5568 8722.

Consider the offer that a Specialized Finance Company gives you. The advantage is that, due to the relationship it maintains with dealers and plants, it has the possibility of giving you a more attractive financing plan.

Rates on the table. Pay special attention that the interest rates they handle are fixed and that they tell you the total to pay.

With control of your payments . There is the option of making irregular payments, this means that if you have additional capital you can advance the coverage of your debt, or higher payments in December, do not miss these data that can avoid a headache.

Avoid temptation. Make sure that the financial company gives you the option of making a direct charge to your debit account with an automatic charge, without charging a commission, in order to avoid delays that will generate extra interest.

Always connected. Verify that the financial company has an Internet page that allows you to access all your credit information.

Impeccable treatment. At all times the advisor must resolve your doubts and worry about giving you all the necessary information to make a good decision, if you notice that they do not have the capacity to do so, look for another advisor.

Words are blown away . Remember that everything must be established in the contract you are signing, check that the payments are as agreed, that there are no extra surprise charges, your payment dates, and take all the time necessary to read the contract, if you have any questions ask until stay fully informed of what you are signing.

Don’t put the rope around your neck. Look for plans that offer a financing term according to your ability to pay, it does not make sense that by paying for the car of your dreams you end up sleeping in it. Also, if you default on time and form with the payments, your credit history will be very damaged and you will be left without the car of your dreams.

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